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Finishing or refinishing of Interior areas

Interior/Technical areas of any vessel, need to be properly prepared and protected in order to avoid corrosion or any other related problems.  It is necessary to carry out correct surface preparation, primers and topcoats of all necessary areas in line with the given standards and norms.  We can provide the skills and equipment necessary to carry out initial metal dressing, surface preparation, primer and topcoat application in all variety of interior areas on board any type of vessel.


Finishing or refinishing of Exterior areas

For any owner or crew, the exterior finish of their yacht is absolutely vital to the overall appearance, especially the quality of the fairing and the topcoat. The filling and fairing of any of the surface or substrates of a yacht is the key to the vessel appearing how it is expected to look. The finish of the top coat will make the difference, and is the first thing any owner will inspect. With experienced foreman and a dedicated team, we can provide the skills needed to get this right. Whether it be a new build or refit, our team are flexible, dedicated and strives to meet the quality expected in the time limits given.

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